Hawaldar Anchors in Pakistan

By Haris Hashmi • Oct 23rd, 2014
On social media, the term ‘hawaldar anchor‘ is used for those Pakistani TV anchors who explicitly, shamelessly, brazenly, and immorally support establishment and its toadies. In the recent London Plan conspiracy, where 90% of media was compromised by the handlers, numerous hawaldar anchors surfaced to the scene.

In Pakistan, there always been journalists who remain on the payroll of agencies, politicians, mafias, foreign countries, NGOs etc. Lifafa journalists is another notorious term which refers to the journalist who takes money from the politicians. Earlier it only referred to the journalists who took money from Sharif brothers, and now is widely used for any journalist who takes money from any politician.

The main difference between these days and the days of yore is that there was some semblance of curtain over these shady dealings. It was all done behind the scene, and it was kind of hard for the common people to identify the lifafa journalists. But for the last few months, in electronic media, the moment an anchor or analyst opens his or her mouth, you can tell his or her affiliation with closed eyes.

So much is the status of journalism is in Pakistan right now, that the whole channels with all their anchors, reporters, analysts, editors and other staff have been bought and being used. The prime example is ARY News. Not a single person working in ARY is neutral or unbiased. All of their anchors are supporting Imran, Qadri, and establishment. Everybody has his own mode of crime.

From Mubasher Lucman to Sami Ibrahim, from Kashif Abbassi to Dr. Danish, and all the other anchors and analysts are proving more loyal to establishment than establishment. For the last 5 months, they are on the mission of throwing out the Nawaz regime, but have failed so far. They were unable to win election for Imran Khan and now they are unable to make him premier through shortcut so far.

In Express News and Dunya News, 90% of anchors and analysts are hawaldars. From Arshad Sharif to Shahzeb Khanzada, from Waseem Badami to Kamran Shahid, from Mehar Bukhari to Asma Sherazi, from Nadeem Malik to scores of others are disgustingly hawaldars.

Most of these hawaldar anchors have landed through parachute in this profession. They know very well that there only way to earn blind money and live like a price is to keep spreading lies, sensation and anarchy and completing the agenda of establishment to not to let a democratic government strengthen.


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