Bilawal Bad Boy for MQM and PTI


MQM also didn’t waste a second and replied in the same tone to PPP. Though PML-N’s leadership still is maintaining decency, but their lower-level leaders have started answering Imran in the same tone. It seems that in this fight of dirty politics, the first causality is decency. Credit goes to Imran Khan and his PTI.

PPP patron-in-chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s comments against MQM were full of threats. This is a complete turn from the past years policy of reconciliation from Bilawal’s father Asif Ali Zardari. Contrary to what many believe, its not the repetition of Zulfikar Mirza episode.

During that time, the policy of PPP was that Zulfikar Mirza used to beat MQM with stick, and Rehman Malik used to rush to London to offer olive branch and carrots. At that time, PPP threw everyone on lots of confusion as half party seemed to hate MQM, and half seemed to not to live without it.

This time, PPP’s stance seems one so far. They haven’t taken their statement back, and they haven’t apologized. Rehman Malik hasn’t gone to MQM with carrots, and Khurshid Shah, the opposition leader of PPP, is defending Bilawal’s statement in every TV channel.

Khurshid Shah has even made a rare attack on Atlaf Hussain and said that why Altaf is scot-free to abuse anyone and why can’t he be criticized? He asked why Altaf’s comments are fine and others’ wrong. To be fair with Khurshid Shah, he is bang right there.

It seems that by attacking MQM in Karachi and by attacking PTI in Punjab, PPP has scrambling to its feet for its revival. Bilawal is their only and last chance to make a come back in Pakistani politics and they think that by showing a defiance and aggression, they can achieve it. May be they are right.


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