Can we re-build Ziarat residency and Pakistan?

Can we re-build Ziarat residency and Pakistan?

Not that we haven’t seen Jinnah’s home, Pakistan, brought to tatters by terrorism and other vices, it still hurts even more to see how anti-Pakistan forces cant even tolerate to let an object of symbolic and sentimental attachment with our founder stand intact.

This morning when Jinnah’s Ziarat residence, where he spent his last days, was left castrated and reduced to rubble by shells, we received a clear message. A clear message and lucid message that they want each and every nook and cranny of our land destroyed, of the hatred they nurse in their hearts for our beloved Quaid, and that they would kill to see Jinnah’s Pakistan go down to ashes just like they did to the few last of Jinnah’s relics

The ethereally beautiful Ziarat residence, its whitewashed walls exuding all the purity and mountain clad beauty reflected by its surrounding locale . It remained home to Jinnah when he was ailing from TB. It was a striking reminder of the sacrifices of a man who gave up his life, his home and everything that could possibly be so Pakistan could come into being and thrive, spent his last day there- not in some foreign hospital receiving the best and most expensive of the treatments. But in Ziarat valley, so his disease would not become a burden on the newly born state and he could live a little longer with peace.

What happened was worse though. It still runs chills through the spines thinking his last tragic day at Karachi, when he had to spend hours in a broken ambulance waiting for another to come, in scorching heat of the marshes of Karachi. And Fatima Jinnah attending to him and the impatiently running off after every few minutes to see if the ambulance had arrived. Next day, he left us orphaned and grief-stricken. And ever since then, our nation has been waiting for the next shepherd to guide us out of the pitch dark we dwell in for decades now.

For those who were unsure that there are anti-Pakistan forces more actively at work than ever, today’s attack at Ziarat residency is a reality check. A stark reminder to the extent of their abhorrence towards our country, our founder’s ideals and us. There are some who are enthusiastically speaking of rebuilding Ziarat residency more beautiful than was, my question is, what about Jinnah’s real progeny- Pakistan. How much are we willing o sacrifice to build it up and strengthen it, for this is where these terrorists have actually challenged us.


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