Can we re-build Ziarat residency and Pakistan?

Not that we haven’t seen Jinnah’s home, Pakistan, brought to tatters by terrorism and other vices, it still hurts even more to see how anti-Pakistan forces cant even tolerate to let an object of symbolic and sentimental attachment with our founder stand intact.

This morning when Jinnah’s Ziarat residence, where he spent his last days, was left castrated and reduced to rubble by shells, we received a clear message. A clear message and lucid message that they want each and every nook and cranny of our land destroyed, of the hatred they nurse in their hearts for our beloved Quaid, and that they would kill to see Jinnah’s Pakistan go down to ashes just like they did to the few last of Jinnah’s relics

The ethereally beautiful Ziarat residence, its whitewashed walls exuding all the purity and mountain clad beauty reflected by its surrounding locale . It remained home to Jinnah when he was ailing from TB. It was a striking reminder of the sacrifices of a man who gave up his life, his home and everything that could possibly be so Pakistan could come into being and thrive, spent his last day there- not in some foreign hospital receiving the best and most expensive of the treatments. But in Ziarat valley, so his disease would not become a burden on the newly born state and he could live a little longer with peace.

What happened was worse though. It still runs chills through the spines thinking his last tragic day at Karachi, when he had to spend hours in a broken ambulance waiting for another to come, in scorching heat of the marshes of Karachi. And Fatima Jinnah attending to him and the impatiently running off after every few minutes to see if the ambulance had arrived. Next day, he left us orphaned and grief-stricken. And ever since then, our nation has been waiting for the next shepherd to guide us out of the pitch dark we dwell in for decades now.

For those who were unsure that there are anti-Pakistan forces more actively at work than ever, today’s attack at Ziarat residency is a reality check. A stark reminder to the extent of their abhorrence towards our country, our founder’s ideals and us. There are some who are enthusiastically speaking of rebuilding Ziarat residency more beautiful than was, my question is, what about Jinnah’s real progeny- Pakistan. How much are we willing o sacrifice to build it up and strengthen it, for this is where these terrorists have actually challenged us.


Wapda chief, heads of power companies to go

LAHORE: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday, while chairing a high-level meeting on the energy crisis, decided to remove the Wapda chairman and heads of the power distribution companies (discos) and vowed to take effective measures to utilise all available resources to rid the country of the crippling energy crisis, which has badly affected the economy.

He was presiding over a meeting on the energy situation at the State Guest House where he was given a detailed briefing on the energy situation in the country. He said that unannounced loadshedding and power theft would not be tolerated at any cost.

He called for getting rid of incompetent officials as well as useless machines to put the country on road to development for bringing Pakistan at a par with the developed nations.A plan regarding reduction in unannounced loadshedding duration on monthly basis was also presented to the PM. “I have to put in place such initiatives that keep industrial wheel and the fan of everyone’s home moving,” said Nawaz.

The energy sector is one of the major priorities of the PML-N government which would take all stakeholders on board to overcome the shortage, he added.The government has planned to retire gradually the power sector’s huge circular debt to streamline the electricity generation chain that would bring loadshedding under control.

Nawaz directed the authorities concerned to determine the viability of all electricity projects besides estimating and evaluating the financial requirements for their implementation.The prime minister also stressed the need for expediting work on the projects to ensure electricity generation at a low cost.

Nawaz also called for taking stringent measures for stopping electricity pilferage.The newly-elected Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, MNAs Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Khwaja Muhammad Asif and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, MPA Rana Muhammad Afzal, former caretaker federal minister Dr Musadiq Malik, Shaukat Tareen, Salman Shahbaz Sharif, Mian Muhammad Mansha and energy experts also attended the meeting.

Earlier, PM Nawaz Sharif arrived in Lahore on Thursday on his first visit to the provincial metropolis after taking oath as the chief executive of the country. Punjab Governor Ahmed Mehmood welcomed the prime minister at old airport on his first arrival in the city.Senator Pervaiz Rashid and Senator Ishaq Dar accompanied the prime minister.

NEW DELHI: First Trade Secretary of Pakistan High Commission (HC) Zargham Raza has been attacked by unidentified motorcyclists, injuring the official and his driver in New Delhi on Monday evening.


Pakistani High Commission, strongly lodging a protest with the Indian government, demanded a probe into the incident.


The Pakistani HC spokesman said that some unidentified assailants riding motorcycles attacked the official when he was heading to his residence.


The spokesman further said that the HC has demanded of the Indian government to increase the security of its personnel and to provide protection under Vienna convention.